Organize, photograph, video, and price all items according to fair market value.


Research and appraise featured items to maximize profit.


Successfully promote your sale by utilizing our vast marketing methods: high traffic internet social media, 1000s of emails through constant contact marketing, professional flyers, national estate sale sites –,,, Facebook, Instagram, Craigslist, and of course, our extensive clientele following.


Provide tables and racks, as needed.


Professionally stage items.


Fully staff your sale with our professional, knowledgeable team.


Use professional signs to navigate customers to your sale.




We handle all aspects of the Estate Sale:


Don't clean up or throw away or donate anything until you contact us.

Our Mom, Master Researcher!





The estate sale process takes about two weeks from start to finish. First, we will meet with you, tour the premises and determine what your needs are. Then, we will discuss agreement terms and help with decisions on what will be sold. Sisters will do all of the marketing, advertising, photographs, and video. We will price and stage the sale so it looks like a store. Options for unsold items can be discussed.



It has been our experience that customers will purchase more at our sales if they are able to use credit cards, resulting in a more successful sale. We accept Master-Card, Visa, Discover, American Express, PayPal and debit cards.


Examples of

flyers we print

and pass out throughout 

the town as

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auctions sites, 

antique stores.